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What We Do

We create brand and web experiences that connect with the right emotions in the right consumers. With combined backgrounds in branding, psychology, advertising, philosophy, design and web, we bring uniquedepth and perspective to each project. Every decision, from form to function, is informed by an effective blend of thoughtful strategy, data, and intuitive interpretation. Research is crucial, but it takes the right strategy and creative execution to build great brands and web experiences.


From research and strategy, to design and creative implementation, we do it all. We work with you to build a brand that is both organic and organized. We have a diverse skill set that will help your brand grow to maturity, and we will work with you to maintain and grow your brand in the future.


Who is your target market? Where do you fit in the market? What makes you different?


What does the strategy look like fleshed out into logos, color, type, tone of voice, photo treatment, etc.?


We help create systems and tools to keep your brand and messaging consistent across all teams and channels.


Need another experienced creative mind at the table? We provide consulting services in all of these areas.


• Is honest, consistent and original.
• Listens before it speaks. It starts by listening to the beating heart of why you do what you do, and then, like a good producer, takes that rhythm and composes a song for the world to hear.
• Is far more than a logo, it touches every aspect of your business, organization, product or service.
• Is equal parts data, creativity, and intuition.
• Speaks the language of its audience.


We listen to the needs of your business and the needs of your users. We offer intuitive and simple answers that satisfy your users and add to your bottom line, through clean, tight web solutions, that are built to the latest web standards. We do customized content management, search engine optimization, e-commerce design and integration. From wire-framing and prototyping, to design, to development, we can create a custom solution for you. No themes here… custom solutions.

“If it ain’t on the web, it ain’t real….” - Literally everyone

What business problems does the site need to solve? What does it need to do? What are the critical user paths? What content, keywords, or features does it need?

UX / UI Design

Outside-of-the-box not just out-of-the-box. From sitemapping to wireframing to mockups. We design unique and elegant interfaces and experiences that guide users toward goals.


We develop custom web and ecommerce experiences, that are SEO optimized, load quickly, are built to the latest standards, and look good on any size screen.


We provide consulting for best practices and to help our clients think through complex and difficult user-interfaces and potential barriers to engagement.


• Is designed with a purpose, at the intersection of form and function.
• Is designed to solve business problems.
• Is designed mobile-first and looks good on any screen.
• Is built clean and custom from the ground up and hosted on fast servers.
• Is something you are proud to show others.

Our Process

Every type of project is unique, and every project within those types are even more unique. That being said, every project is going to need a custom-tailored process, but we have found that certain steps almost always occur across all creative projects. We also offer consulting, and are willing to lend a fresh set of eyes to any point of your project.

Research Orangeline

This is a crucial stage where many projects go wrong. The goals of this phase, whether a web or branding project, are to determine the what, why, when, and who of the project. Who are we, what are we saying, who are we saying it to, what is the competition doing, why are we doing it, why now? etc. The results of this inform all of the design and development decisions made down the line. The deliverables of this phase include sitemaps, SEO research summaries, competitive branding and web audits, etc. and vary based on project scope.

Design3 Orangeline

This is the phase where the research is fed into the machine that is a creative agency, and the “how” of the project emerges. How should it look? How should it function? This is where we distill the research, and then interpret it through a creative lens. Good research is important, but so is how you interpret it. The deliverables in this phase are mockups, logo designs, typographic systems, color palettes, wireframes, etc., depending on the project.

Execute2 Orangeline

This is where the rubber hits the road. If it is a web project, then this is the development stage. If it is a branding project, then this is where we create all of the needed collateral, brand guidelines, etc.


This is the handoff. You don’t want to run 95 yards, just to fumble on the 5. Launching a new brand or website should be done in a coordinated way to maximize impact. We want a bang not a fizzle! This is also the phase where we sit down and help train you and your team on how to use your new site, or apply your new branding across channels.

Our Team

The Make Ready was founded by Creative Director Ben Rutledge in 2011 with the intention of being leaner, faster, and more creative than anyone else. Many agencies get bogged down paying for cool offices and uncecessary trappings. We are a small and agile team of designers and developers, from a variety of backgrounds, collaborating from Texas, Oregon, and North Carolina. We also have an extensive network of creative professionals we work with on an as-needed, per-project basis. We would love to meet you!