The Make Ready Logo


The Situation 

How do you stand out in one of the oldest industries in the world? Real estate is as old as commerce, because the need for shelter is so basic. Board is a startup real estate technology company, and they're looking to stand out. The real estate industry is full of old and established brands. Much of the way things are done in the industry date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and some of the brands do as well. To break into an established industry, you need a brand that simultaneously says "we're doing things in a new and different way," yet also "we know what we're doing." Board also needed UX / UI prototypes for investor presentations and proof of concept. Since this is an ongoing project with many phases, we will refrain from divulging too much detail about the user interface, at least for now. 

The Process

In order to stand-out in a crowded and established industry, you need to first know where other brands position themselves. We started our research by placing existing brands along a few continua, which we felt gave us some high-level perspective on the industry. This helped us find some blue water and begin to see where Board could fit. 

Board needed to be both progressive and accessible... no big deal (insert nervous chuckle)! It's no small task to strike the right balance between two things that are often so disparate. To be both familiar yet innovative, we needed a brand that made people ask, "Why has no one done this before?" We wanted a brand that makes the process of buying a home feel like being inside of it -accessible and comfortable. We also wanted a brand that was fresh, new, and elegant. Home is a sanctuary. It's a place that you live from, not just a place you go back to. 

To find our inspiration, we looked outside of the real estate industry. What types of industries had timeless and established principles, yet constantly needed to innovate? We drew insight from many arenas: fashion, architecture, and even early Dutch modernist art. Fashion and architectural renderings seemed to have this elegant balance of precision, technicality and beauty. 

Let the concepting begin...

The Solution

Eventually we arrived at a logo mark that seemed to unite all the aspects of the brand. It consisted of an uppercase "B", reminiscent of both a floor plan and a De Stijl hanging in a gallery. The shape is recognizable, yet unique enough to lay the foundation for a visual system going forward. It opens possibilities for type, animation, and proportional changes, all of which can communicate unique aspects of Board's brand. Thus, a new brand was born in the nebulous world of real estate. 

This system was fleshed out for initial UX/UI prototypes, investor presentations, etc. We also continued to draw on our inspirational research from fashion and architectural art as we designed specific deliverables.