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Confidence Financial Partners

The Situation

Confidence Financial Partners felt that their current branding was failing to connect and build trust with their clients. The concept behind the original logo was half country club, half old wooden ship. The ship in question brought CFP founding partner Earl Eastman’s family over from England in 1638. The brand color palette consisted of green and gold to symbolize quality, wealth, and trustworthiness.

The execution of the old branding wasn’t fulfilling the hopes originally set for it. Confidence’s existing website was not building trust or converting users into leads. The site lacked clear user goals, and was technically deficient in regards to SEO. How much potential business was falling through the cracks?

Confidence also wanted our help with their social media presence, which was lacking in consistency, tone, and message. It became obvious as we delved into the project that this was reflective of a greater dearth of brand vision and strategy.

The Strategy

Since this was a brand refresh and not a new brand, the first step was sifting through currently existing assets. As with all rebranding projects, we wanted to be careful not to lose the brand equity which had been built over time. After grabbing handfuls of the existing brand pasta and throwing it against the wall, what stuck was the story of the Eastman family. Although the previous executions were failing to connect, we still felt like the story was worth telling. In 1638, the Eastman family came to America from England aboard the HMS Confidence. They came in search of a better life and a better future. The same motivations that caused them to embark on this adventure over 350 years ago - hope, a sense of mastering your own destiny, a strong work ethic and a long-term mindset - are precisely what motivate people to invest in their future with the help of a financial planner.

The family story also speaks of deep roots, history, and growth over time. This informed the emotional tone of the brand. The brand needed to establish trust for the future through history. It needed to empower the customer to take control of their own future. Confidence Financial Partners exists as a guide, as your experienced and steely-eyed helmsman. Confidence listens to where you want to go and helps you get there.

One of CFP’s main financial products is a specialty life insurance product that clients can borrow against, essentially empowering them to become their own banker. It was this concept, along with the brand’s hopefully forward-thinking tone, that gave birth to the big idea “A Future You Can Bank On.” 


The new logo design was informed by the intersection of two distinct concepts. The first and most obvious is the old English tall ship. The shape of the ship as well as the number of sails is based on historical accounts of how the HMS Confidence likely looked. The ship is sailing directly towards the viewer to signify the namesake virtue of confidence. It appears under full sail, with its sails billowing and full of wind to represent hope and positive momentum for the future. The second concept is that of a family crest. The logo can also be set within a shield to represent the other brand values of family and trust.

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Color Palette:

For the new color palette of Confidence Financial Partners, we settled on deep blue and gold. The blue represents trust and a peaceful future, as well the oceanic elements of the brand story. The gold represents wealth, wisdom, and timelessness. For almost as long as humans have traded goods, gold has been a standard of currency. It represents lasting value and rarity.  

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We created a new site using Craft CMS and Zurb Foundation, aiming for a clean and responsive layout. Earl Eastman has written four books, and we reformatted one of them (The Smart Banking System) to be consistent with Confidence's new branding. We then offered this book via an InfusionSoft signup form with engaging calls to action on the site in order to gather contact information from organic traffic.

In addition to technical SEO tweaks, we added robust contact information in the footer and on the contact page. We also wrote and adapted a couple pieces of content for the resource section of the site, and made it easy for Earl to add content later via the Craft backend.

For social, we revamped Confidence's LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to reflect the new branding direction and ensure a consistent feel across every point of contact. We wanted the tone of copy on both social and Confidence's site to reflect Earl's commitment to proven financial strategy - no gimmicks or hard sells.

Overall, we feel that we achieved our goal of transforming Confidence Financial Partners into a modern, trustworthy financial brand and we're grateful to have worked with Earl to accomplish this.

Before & After

Before & After