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The Situation

Stockwall is a custom home builder and remodeler based out of the Pacific Northwest. What makes them unique is the amount of trust and creative freedom that they receive from their clients. They have mastered the art of listening to their customers needs and discerning what they really want. If you're thinking that this sounds a lot like the goal of a good branding process, then you'd be right. Just like Stockwall, a good brand designer listens and listens, observes, researches, then listens again to try to capture the essence of a brand rather than manufacturing it. From the beginning of this project, there was a mutual understanding and respect of the creative process. Stockwall's creative process and track record of intuiting customer's desires is what really sets them apart. It was up to us to figure out how to tell that story.

The Process

We knew that the Stockwall brand needed to avoid being trendy. It needed to be solid and lasting, so we leaned on heritage brands for inspiration over contemporary brands. Stockwall brings a custom-designed and hand-built quality and approach to everything they do. Every touch is bespoke. It's about the customer, their wants and needs, instead of what's trendy. Stockwall isn't the company you call to flip a house, they're the ones you call to turn your house into a home that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. 

We went through several iterations of branding concepts before finally hitting pay dirt. Every once in a while you stumble across that perfect branding concept. The one that says it all, without saying anything. For us it was the plumb line. 

The Solution

The plumb line is an ancient hand tool used to make sure things were built straight. It symbolizes Stockwall's ability to center down on their customers' wants and focus on delivering them what they truly desire. The plumb line also symbolizes timelessness. From the ancient Egyptians to modern masons around the world, the plumb line is a proven way to build something right. The plumb line is also a hand-tool and, along with the coarse rope, symbolizes the rugged heritage of the Stockwall brand. 

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For the Stockwall color palette, we chose yellow and black. I know what you're thinking - "Isn't that cliché for the construction industry?" Not quite. We chose gold-tinted (quality) and pastel yellows to soften the brand a bit. Less Tonka truck, more natural light. We also added a versatile collection of cool neutral grays and blues. We contrasted all of this with a dark slate, instead of a hard black, to avoid any appearance of "caution tape."

Stockwall Color